The Polar Bear Monitoring in the Russian Arctic

Program was initiated by the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, with the support of Russian Academy of Science and company Norilsk Nickel. 

The program’s main objectives are to study the polar bear habitat in the Russian Arctic; gather data about the polar bears' migrations and the boundaries of the animals' distribution range.

Also, one of the objectives is to make recommendations to ensure that suitable conditions are created for the survival and recovery of depleted polar bear populations in the Russian Arctic.

 At present, the most serious threats that face polar bears are industrial development in the Arctic, such as shipping and oil drilling, habitat pollution and destruction, and poaching. Additionally, the seasonal fluctuation of the sea ice cover restricts polar bear migrations.

Another central objective for the expedition was to try out the method and technology designed for the management of satellite tracking on remote Arctic territory of the state-run Franz Josef Land Nature Reserve and Taymyr Peninsula territory.